The Blue Alliance relies on the volunteer effort of people who contribute code, moderate data submissions, and upload match videos and robot photos. Thank you to everyone who has been involved since TBA was started in 2006.

In 2022, The Blue Alliance formally became a non-profit organization. This enables us to get discounts on some services that keep the site running, and means that donations to The Blue Alliance are tax deductible. We spend around $4,000 per year, almost entirely on Google Cloud Platform hosting, to keep the site up and running.

The best donations are monthly contributions, which help us budget for the future. If we get to a place where we are receiving much more in donations than our operating costs, we'll explore hiring a summer intern.

The Blue Alliance's EIN is 88-3600243.

If you'd like to make a large donation, or a capital-gains-tax-advantaged donation through a donor advised fund, please contact us and we'll be in touch!

The Blue Alliance would like to thank all of our sponsors whose generous support has made it possible to keep the site running.