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Team Information

Most team data - like names, websites, sponsors, etc - are updated directly from FIRST. If your team's information is incorrect on The Blue Alliance, please check that it is correct on FIRST's website. We update our records from FIRST's Team Information Management System daily, and are unable to change your team information to anything other than what is listed there. You can ask your team's Lead Mentor to update the information in FIRST TIMS and it will update on The Blue Alliance within a day or two.

Photos, Social Media, and Robot Names

Some team data - like photos, CAD models, social media, and robot names - are provided to The Blue Alliance through crowdsourcing or by teams directly. Teams can use the Team Moderator codes in the FIRST Digital Kit of Parts to change robot names and approve or change media on your own team page. You can get the code for your team from the FIRST Digital Kit of Parts, and redeem it at the TBA Team Mod dashboard. Only one TBA account may be the "team mod" each year, so please choose carefully.

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